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About The Obsidian Order

Welcome to the website and forums of The Obsidian Order, a mythic horde guild on Aggramar EU.

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Uldir - Mythic - 3/8 - Zek'voz

by Dr_Boozie, 23 days ago

Our third mythic boss is down! Well done peeps ! 


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Uldir - Mythic - 2/8 - MOTHER

by Dr_Boozie, 39 days ago

And all of a sudden: a flawless kill with not one death ! 

Good job everyone ! 

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Uldir - Mythic - 1/8 - Taloc

by Dr_Boozie, 49 days ago

First mythic down, down, down ! Good job people ! 

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Our guildmasters got married IRL !

by Dr_Boozie, 79 days ago

Big grats to Aria (Beka) and Sangor (Geert) for getting married IRL ! We wish you a happy, long life together! I heard Sangor wielded a sword on several occasions, he better not be rerolling a warrior ! Looking at the couple, we might have to change our guild color to orange! Guildies make sure to make a post here or on The Obsidian Order facebookpage to congratulate them! 

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