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Welcome to the new website and forums of The Obsidian Order, a myhic horde guild on Aggramar EU.

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EN - Mythic - 1/7 - Nythendra down

by Dr_Boozie, 6 days ago

Hello Legion ! Welcome to our first mythic kill ! May this be the first of many to come!


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HFC - Mythic - 13/13 - Archimonde

by Crossbow_TOO, 90 days ago

Many doubted it would still happen before Legion, but tonight I'm happy to announce that after weeks - no, months of struggle (some may have even hit 4-digit wipe counts) we killed Archimonde!

We're thankful for the contribution of some loyal OpenRaid friends who have been filling up the empty spots for the past few weeks and the guild raid force that stayed until the end. Congratulations to Ariå for the well deserved first [Felsteel Annihilator].

And according to guild tradition, Boozie missed the first kill.

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HFC - Mythic - 12/13 - Mannoroth

by Dr_Boozie, 214 days ago

Almost...there..... one more boss to go. Beware Archimonde, it takes us some time, but we'll get you !
Big gratz on everyone who helped killing Mannoroth, he definitely was a pain in the ... olive...

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HFC - Mythic - 11/13 - Xhul'horac

by Dr_Boozie, 272 days ago

WTB a mage ! Well, we killed it without one, good job everyone! Why kill it the easy way anyway ! 

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