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Welcome to the new website and forums of The Obsidian Order, a myhic horde guild on Aggramar EU.

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NH - Mythic - 6/10 Tichondrius

by Aria_TOO, 49 days ago

Two IDs, two new kills.  This time Tichondrius!  And with enough time left before Tomb for another boss or two



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ToV - Mythic - 3/3 Helya

by Dr_Boozie, 58 days ago

Intermezzo ! Killed Helya for the Cutting Edge: Helya achievement. Back to Nighthold ! 

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NH - Mythic - 5/10 Spellblade Aluriel

by Dr_Boozie, 79 days ago

Number five is down ! Good job everyone, that will teach her to taunt us with "is that the best you can do ?" ! 

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NH - Mythic - 4/10 Krosus

by Dr_Boozie, 91 days ago

Yes, we're still alive, we still raid, we just got mesmerized by the fel beam and then we dropped dead. Once we learned to look at Krosus feet it went much better ! Good job everyone! 

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