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re: APPROVED - App: Doncastro - by Ayuumu


Thank you for your application! We will grant you a trial! I have added your battle net, so we'll talk there!


Welcome to The Obsidian Order!



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re: App: Doncastro

The application submitted by Doncastro is as follows:

Name : castro
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Balnazzar
Level : 341
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Orc
Class : Death Knight
Spec 1 : Unholy
Spec 2 : Blood

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Basic Information - Name, Class, Raid Spec, Age, Gender, Country, Time Zone.:
Name is meshal age 27 been playing since wotlk one hour ahead of the UK

What is your btag, so we can more easily add you to the guild if your trial is accepted?:

Are you applying as a raider or a social (beware tho, social membership is only possible if you are a real life friend of an existing member or have a damn impressive application):

What prior raiding experience do you have?:
Dragon Soul, Highmaul
As a raider i might not have the best xp in the world, but during legion all i mostly did was pvp, i reached 2.7 xp which proves i am indeed a decent player mechanically. I am a quick learner intellegent and aware of surroundings, i have been playing this game since Wotlk. I will explain my slef more on what i am capable of and who i am game wise.

What other guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?:
i am currently guildless and was since legion due to the lack of pve i wanted to do particepate in. Mainly gear was of no intrest to me because item level took over (somewhat). I am 100% intrested in the new BFA pve as i have tried it and enjoyed it. i am planning on giving it more then 100%.

Can you attend all three raid evenings (Tue, Thu, Sun)? Are there any availability issues we should know about?:
Yes i am online everyday for 6-8 hours+ excluding Sats. i spend Saterdays with my wife and family.

What hardware and internet connection do you have? Is it reliable and capable for mythic raids?:
1070 graphic card i7 processor 16g rams got more then enough. As for connection, it 100% capable for anything.

What is your prefered way to spend your time in WoW? (pve, pvp, achieves, economy, social, etc.):
now, i spend it doing dailys mythic+ getting ready for raids i did achive 4/8 pugs which is not even close to where i want to be. this is why i am applying to your guild which i have no doubt in my mind that progress will be made. I do play arenas, but since bfa came out i had no time to play due to the amount of farming i needed to get done. Eventually, after things calm down and make progress and feel comfortable of my gear, raid progress and farm i will start pushing arena again. Socialy, i have many irls that play wow and friends from the game itself.

Do you have any relevant alts? Please provide links:
Not at this momment. I am focusing on my main for now. i do however have 7 110s which i may start leveling when i feel ready.

Why do you want to be a part of this guild?:
From what i have seen so far, this guild seems more of the two sides. Fun, but seriouse. This can only work if the guild community itself have a good friendship and understanding. Players in this guild seem skilled which i can learn from and evolve my skills in pve aswell. Basiclly i see that if i were to join this guild, this will infact be a big step up to where i currently am and i will 100% make up for that with 100% dedication. Aside from the game play i am looking for a pleasent environment and i am sure that The Obsidain Order can grant me that. ( i know that i am just 341 right now, but before you finish reading this hopefully i will be higher.)

If you get a accepted for a trial, make sure to read the WIKI page on our homepage : it contains the guild rules you are supposed to live by and has information on the DKP system, raiding addons, vent etc.

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