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re: APPROVED - App: paganfire - by Grand_Warlock_Sangor


We had a little chat before you posted your application so it comes as no surprise that we will grant your trial. Whisper an officer when the realm transfer is completed and we'll get you in.

Welcome to TOO.


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re: App: paganfire

The application submitted by paganfire is as follows:

Name : Ramstine
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - The Maelstrom
Level : 120
Gender : N/A
Faction : Alliance
Race : Dwarf
Class : Paladin
Spec 1 : Prot
Spec 2 : Prot

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Basic Information - Name, Class, Raid Spec, Age, Gender, Country, Time Zone.:
Nick, Holy pally, 27, Male from UK so GMT

What is your btag, so we can more easily add you to the guild if your trial is accepted?:

Are you applying as a raider or a social (beware tho, social membership is only possible if you are a real life friend of an existing member or have a damn impressive application):

What prior raiding experience do you have?:
MC , Aq20, ZG, Laggwing Lair, AQ40 and naxx 40 to The Four Horsemen at TBC release.

kara, Gruul, Maggy, ZA, SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT, SWP working on Failmyst when SWP nerf hit.

Wrath -
Loludar 10+25man cleared , 10man Alone in darkness + loludar raider achivs, 25man 3lights + XT + thorim + hodir + Freya HM pre-ToC release

ToC -10/25man cleared -TOGC - Tribute to mad Skill 10man + Beasts TOGC 25man

ICC - 12/12 10/25man, 10/12 10man HC missing LK + princes , 11/12HC 25 HC prenerfs

Cata -
Prenerf Hc Rag, Dragonsoul - 6/8HC prenerf, Spine at 5% nerf day and Hc deathwing week after.

Challenge mode Gold on every class
SoO 12/14hc before the mythic rebadge when my guild disbanded & 14/14mythic after returning for 6.0 to get Mythic Heirloom for levelling.
WoD -
Blackrock & Hellfire Curve
Legion -
Burning Throne curve

What other guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?:
The guild I was playing with in legion on my priest dispanded when we tried to form to go mythic as we cleared heroic antorus within 2 weeks so were expecting to get into mythic smoothly however this meant people were not willing to wait for recruitment to fill last spots and as such they started leaving, With this I did not really feel any motivation to find a guild after having already cleared hc and half expecting the same to happen as it does with teh end to all expansions.

And honestly before that I struggle to remeber its been what 14 years in Novemebr, I spend Vanilla > Wrath in a guild on arathor called Mythical Honour which I rejoined at the start of cata we the GM returned and reformed the guild which lasted until MoP release. MoP I was in a guild called Aetherium until that stopped raiding when half the team quit on what ws heroic now mythic seige crafter blackfuse after half the raid team was playing not because they enjoyed it but as they did not want to let everybody else down. WoD I really dont remeber all i remeber is i was playing mistweaver then.

Can you attend all three raid evenings (Tue, Thu, Sun)? Are there any availability issues we should know about?:
I can attend everyday the can do anything outside on any day other then fridays which I work late to 6:30 UK time.

What hardware and internet connection do you have? Is it reliable and capable for mythic raids?:
I played at 3440x1440p on a 34" ultrawide monitor using i7 7820X & SLI 1080s on a customer water loop with 16GB of 3200mhz DDR4, My current connection is 64mb down on 9mb up.

What is your prefered way to spend your time in WoW? (pve, pvp, achieves, economy, social, etc.):
I spend alot of time in pve, so I also go do alot of transmog farming and some random BGs to stop myself getting to burnt out, I do also find myself as abit of a altaholic at times as I like to have all classes capped and after few months raiding will start working on having all healing classes at mythic 10-15 level gear.

Do you have any relevant alts? Please provide links:
Not relivent yet as been focusing on pally but within a few months would hope to have Shammy monk and priest at 120 in mythic 10ish gear.

Why do you want to be a part of this guild?:
I am looking for a stable guild with which to see the content while its all relivent which its hard to find these days, My days of being bothered about loot kinda died off during Cata with transmog. Back in Vanilla and TBC being stood around in stormwind with T3/T6 was " yes we are the best guild on the server and we are bitchin" but these days its a stat stick which will be hidden under a MoP challenge mode transmog.

If you get a accepted for a trial, make sure to read the WIKI page on our homepage : it contains the guild rules you are supposed to live by and has information on the DKP system, raiding addons, vent etc.

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