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re: APPROVED - App: Slenderdude - by Ayuumu


Hi Jim, thank you for your application! We've approved your trial! Welcome to The Obsidian Order :)


I will add your battle net and we'll keep in touch from there!



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re: App: Slenderdude

The application submitted by Slenderdude is as follows:

Name : Slenderdude
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Aggramar
Level : 120
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Undead
Class : Priest
Spec 1 : Shadow
Spec 2 : Discipline

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Basic Information - Name, Class, Raid Spec, Age, Gender, Country, Time Zone.:
Jim, Priest, Shadow, 20, Male, Netherlands

What is your btag, so we can more easily add you to the guild if your trial is accepted?:

Are you applying as a raider or a social (beware tho, social membership is only possible if you are a real life friend of an existing member or have a damn impressive application):

What prior raiding experience do you have?:
I've started playing on the live servers in MoP, done a bit of raiding back then but was mostly a PvP player. Throughout Legion and BfA(so far), I've only been playing PvE and developed some pretty solid mechanics if I say so myself. Right now, I have 8/8 nm 8/8 hc and 1/8 M Uldir progression and a decent raider IO when it comes to M+. Also gearing my alt rogue atm.

What other guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?:
Tis but a flesh wound, I've actually been an officer in this guild. At the start the guild was fine and actually really fun but once we pressed on past normal progression onto heroic, we couldn't get any further. There are too little amounts of people which really bothers me, I enjoy raiding so far and I really want to get higher up and get that mythic progression going. I'm available on most nights aswell to raid.

Can you attend all three raid evenings (Tue, Thu, Sun)? Are there any availability issues we should know about?:
Yes, I can attend all 3. Unless ofcourse there is something special going on those nights. But usually I am able to join on those nights 100%.

What hardware and internet connection do you have? Is it reliable and capable for mythic raids?:
I have a GTX Geforce 1060 ti 6gb graphics card, a 4770 intel core i7 processor and a capable motherboard. I run over a 100 fps steady in a 30 man raid aswell. My internet connection is extremely steady. No disconnects ever unless it's from Blizzard's servers..

What is your prefered way to spend your time in WoW? (pve, pvp, achieves, economy, social, etc.):

Do you have any relevant alts? Please provide links:
Well, I recently dinged my assasination rogue to 120 and it's at around 340 ilevel as of right now. Will be gearing it further in the upcoming days.

Why do you want to be a part of this guild?:
I'm really enjoying raiding and I want to progress and really get better at the game. I love playing the high end game content and I do enjoy competition.

If you spoke to a member of TOO before applying, tell us who here:

If you get a accepted for a trial, make sure to read the WIKI page on our homepage : it contains the guild rules you are supposed to live by and has information on the DKP system, raiding addons, vent etc.

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