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Welcome to the website and forums of The Obsidian Order, a mythic horde guild on Aggramar EU.

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BFD - Mythic - 9/9 - Laidy Jaina Proudmore

by Dr_Boozie, 45 days ago

Sunday we slaughtered the final boss of current raid tier, Jaina. Just in time for the new raid ! Good job people ! 


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BFD - Mythic - 8/9 - Stormwall Blockade

by Dr_Boozie, 81 days ago

And blockade was less of a blockade than we thought ! Nice job people, now let's crack our heads at Jaina :P


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BFD - Mythic - 5/9 - Conclave of the Chosen

by Dr_Boozie, 158 days ago

And another one bites the dust ! Good job peeps ! 

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